Earthing… Powerful Healing Grounded in Science

Occasionally an idea comes across my desk that seems so outrageous that my first thought is to dismiss it as something straight out of "Wackville". This was the case when I was first introduced to the topic of today's discussion. I was quite sure that someone crazier than me came up with this idea... if that's even possible. 

They called the idea "Earthing". Even the name made me cringe! “Surely this was the work of someone that was off their rocker"... Or so I thought. That was until I found some review articles published by the US National Library of Medicine and learned that there clinical studies going on all over the world that are producing some astounding results. Read the report here.

In simple terms, the idea goes something like this: Supposedly, our bodies are carrying a dangerous electrical charge because we are no longer "grounded" to the earth. Rubber soles on shoes and less time spent outdoors connecting to the earth can have negative health consequences.  As the theory goes; by simply walking barefoot on the ground you can normalize (ground) your body's electric charge; reducing inflammation, chronic pain and allowing your body to heal naturally. 

Having struggled with some chronic pain issues myself, I decided to give it a try. "What have I got to lose?" I thought. After suffering for 2 years with a ruptured tendon in my foot, I was facing possible surgery and a very long, painful recovery. I remember feeling a little silly as I took my shoes off and wandered out into the yard but I will admit that the grass felt amazing under my feet. 

In my mind, I was immediately thrust back to my childhood; playing barefoot in the yard with my brothers. It had been decades since I'd done anything like this but I recall a vaguely familiar sense of calm that swept over me as I stood barefoot in the moist grass. It was almost like I'd reconnected with an old friend and it felt wonderful. I couldn't quite put my finger on the exact source of my euphoria but I was finding the whole experience remarkably enjoyable. 

I guess I had become so caught up in the emotional part of it that I didn't notice that the pain in my foot had all but vanished. "This is not possible" I thought. In just 10 minutes while walking barefoot in the grass, something had happened that seemed unexplainable. I could not deny, however, the fact that I was pain free for the first time in almost 2 years. 

Needless to say, I've had a complete change of heart about earthing. Not only do I no longer think the idea is “Wacky”, I am convinced that it could be one of the greatest untold health stories of our time.

I've included as much information as possible on this page including several videos and and audio file. Please take a few minutes to get the facts about this simple, free and all natural healing practice.  I would strongly suggest that you try this. If you’re like me, you’ll quickly discover that some of the best medicine on earth is right there under your feet… and some of the world’s best ideas may actually come from a place called ...“Wackville”.

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