The Treasure Chest

    Victory Street is a road to discovery, a pathway to positive change. It's a treasure map of sorts, always pointing the way to some amazing discoveries. What you will uncover here will enrich your life beyond measure so feel free to do some digging. 

    Below are a few examples of the riches that abound here on Victory Street. Grounded in ancient traditions, these are timeless treasures that will enhance whatever path you may currently be on. 

    Understand that Life isn’t happening “To You”...

    it’s happening “For You". 

    Everything and everyone that appears in your life appears for a reason

    Just as you have appeared for a reason.

    When good things come, be grateful

    When bad things come, be teachable

    These are all part of the eternal course in divine living. 

    Our purpose here is not to make money, accumulate stuff… 

    or to build a legacy. 

    We are here for one reason…

    To Grow... Spiritually.

    Life is filled with ups and downs and lots of twists and turns.

    But it’s a path that has been carefully laid out for you.

    Be present… Keep your heart open… and your eyes on the road. 

    But above all… TRUST THE JOURNEY!


    This is the Great Lesson.  We often forget that we are spiritual beings... made in the image and likeness of a divine, intelligent creator and, as such, we are endowed with unimaginable creative power. This is the ultimate affirmation of faith and the greatest of self discoveries. The next 4 minutes could change the way you see the world around you if you have the willingness to grasp what is being offered here.

    This short video, narrated by Dr. Wayne Dyer, is a reading from U. S. Andersen's timeless book "3 Magic Words". 

    It is the liquid of life… the purest and most powerful force on earth. At its essence, it is a thing of balance. Always changing… adapting to it’s environment. It moves with purpose. Sometimes gently, sometimes forcefully but ultimately… it is unstoppable. Seeking low places… through cracks and around mountains it knows no barriers. It is unified and persistent in its journey. Never resisting it’s own current or fighting its natural flow.

    Water is determination. Water is fluidity. Water is depth. Water is peace. Water is divinity. Water is complete. Become like water, and you too will be complete. Trust in the flow as it gently carries you to your perfect destination.

    “Heedfulness” is not a word that we use very often. Its modern definition is:"the trait of staying aware of (paying close attention to) your responsibilities."

    In ancient traditions however, heedfulness is a word with spiritual implications. It implies mindfulness, awareness and enlightenment.

    A heedless person is considered self absorbed… he perceives little of the world around him other than things as they pertain to, or affect him personally. He is less apt to stop and smell the roses because he usually doesn’t even see them. He is consumed with his job, his car, his house, his golf swing etc.

    In contrast, the heedful person is mindful, awake, vividly aware and in a state of constant amazement at the scope and power of the life force that is in him and around him. He lives in a state of constant gratitude. He is thankful for his every breath. Upon waking, he opens his eyes to a world of a million miracles. To him, the rose takes on a new beauty and a breathtaking new significance; He is vividly aware of his own connection to it - and it to him.  

    Perhaps “Heedfulness” is a word we all should hold close in our hearts. It describes a deep appreciation for the "Gift" of life that God has given us all; a gift that much of the world seems to have taken for-granted.

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    It's been called "The Greatest of Virtues". "Gratitude" is a word that reminds us of the many miracles in our lives... a word that keeps us centered and serene when facing many of life's challenges. 

    This beautiful film is written and narrated by Brother David Steindle-Rast, a Benedictine Monk. Brother David has become one of the world's most powerful voices on the subject of gratefulness. Perhaps because his message transcends religious doctrine and speaks directly to the heart of all humanity. Read the full article here.